Pure WheelPure WheelThere something about a white sky that I like about photos. Perhaps is the way I was taught how to use negative space in architecture to affect moods. That puts in in good stead to start applying it in photography. It is always in the back of a photographers mind when they are composing. The more you do it the less you have to think about what you are doing. It just sort of becomes natural to you. I am not sure where I am on that scale but I like to think that it is nearly natural. But if you stop thinking about composition, then what will happen?

Outside Addington

September 30, 2012 - Another from Addington Palace for you today and the outside to the manor house where my sister got married in. It was ta...
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Grunge House

September 27, 2012 - With my photos I try to keep the colours as realistic as possible. I tried that with this image first but it just looked...
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Addington Palace

September 26, 2012 - Another from Addington Palace today and taken in arguably the most important room of the place, the bar. They actually o...
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Shadow on a Shell

September 25, 2012 - Ahhh see the title fooled yo there eh? eh? Well it is the shell building the the shadow of the London Eye is cast on. I...
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Inside Addington Palace

September 23, 2012 - As some of you may know it was Open Huse over the weekend. For a weekend, some buildings in London are open up to the pu...
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Close to the Palace

September 20, 2012 - I have taken photos around here for years. It is always so busy that you can never get a wide angle photo without anyone...
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Believe it or not

September 19, 2012 - I never had a clue what Ripley’s was until last christmas my Dad showed off a book that he had got. The book, funnily en...
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Glow Behind the Palace

September 18, 2012 - When a lot of photographers are together everyone is looking for the best shot. In the end everyone seems to crowd aroun...
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A Busy Piccadilly

September 17, 2012 - I was was happy to see that all of the scaffolding had been taken down from around Piccadilly Circus. At one point it se...
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Floating on the Drink

September 16, 2012 - There comes a time when you start doubting yourself or perhaps loose a passion for something. Perhaps both if your very...
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Green around the Stadium

September 06, 2012 - So put up your hand if you watched the Paralympics on TV last night. I hope everyone has their hand held high as it was...
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Inside Coke

September 05, 2012 - You wouldn’t of thought that this was from the olympic park but were a whole host of surprises there. You have seen this...
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Up High in Malta

September 04, 2012 - I remember Malta as being one of the hottest places I went to. To be fair I was there in summer but it was still compara...
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