Pure WheelPure WheelThere something about a white sky that I like about photos. Perhaps is the way I was taught how to use negative space in architecture to affect moods. That puts in in good stead to start applying it in photography. It is always in the back of a photographers mind when they are composing. The more you do it the less you have to think about what you are doing. It just sort of becomes natural to you. I am not sure where I am on that scale but I like to think that it is nearly natural. But if you stop thinking about composition, then what will happen?

Sitting at the Stars

September 10, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Welcome back to Kenya. Well I say back; we never really left. About a 2 hours walk from Kimilili lies a place Kenyans call ‘The Rock of the Stars’. Its an incredibly high rock that is balanced on a ledge in the landscape. A few of us took the trip up there dodging the heights that came with it. I am not a height person. In fact I am probably the worst when it comes to such things. So much so that I had trouble climbing a tower in Nairobi. I’ll tell you that story another time. About 10 of us climbed this rock, and looking back on it, it was so dangerous. We climbed the rock with no ropes which was not the best idea. We nearly lost a bag when it flew over the edge.

We all had sturdy walking boots on but the locals were doing the trek in nothing more then flip flops. Crazy really. This boy was up top when we got there just relaxing, looking at the view. I know… it’s more green then I would of thought too.

20130728-  CHECK Kenya 1883

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