Pure WheelPure WheelThere something about a white sky that I like about photos. Perhaps is the way I was taught how to use negative space in architecture to affect moods. That puts in in good stead to start applying it in photography. It is always in the back of a photographers mind when they are composing. The more you do it the less you have to think about what you are doing. It just sort of becomes natural to you. I am not sure where I am on that scale but I like to think that it is nearly natural. But if you stop thinking about composition, then what will happen?

A London Photographer’s Sunset

April 29, 2014 - I went out for a brief photowalk with Mike and the new A7. We both bought our light kit as he decided to shoot with his...
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Honolulu Harry's

April 27, 2014 - Happy Monday morning to the people of the world! I had my outing with the Sony A7 in London this weekend. We visited som...
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One Up, One Down

April 24, 2014 - This is a momentous occasion. Well it is for me. For you it may just be another photo post. This is the first image that...
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Through to the landscape

April 22, 2014 - I know rubbish title sorry. My imagination wasn’t really on top form today and now I have to live with that title foreve...
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The Digital Gallery

April 20, 2014 - Art is such a strange thing. Have never quite understood what some people call art or what clarifies it as art. That esp...
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Scooping the Shard

April 15, 2014 - For some reason there is an amphitheater right next to the mayors office by Tower Bridge. It plays host to some outdoor...
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Playing with poverty

April 13, 2014 - There are many slums in Kenya. We spent a day visiting a humanitarian group on the outskirts of Kitale. The slums there...
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Solar Shade

April 10, 2014 - I had never heard of solar shading before studying architecture. I never actually saw it anywhere either. It’s one of th...
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Night Over St Pauls

April 08, 2014 - London looks amazing at night. It also looks amazing at sunset. Come to think of it, it also looks good during the day....
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The Five Arch Bridge horison

April 03, 2014 - Painshill Park is perfect for photography. This hidden treasure in Surrey is full of architectural wonders that you can...
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On the long path

April 01, 2014 - We explored around the local area quite as bit while in Kimilili. I wasn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste. At...
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