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Lavender under the tree

Lavender under the tree

Recently I have learnt new post-processing techniques. Everytime this happens you have the feeling to redo some of your past favorites to see what they look like in their now found glory. That can be a bad thing as they were your favorites for a reason. Sometimes redoing them is a bad thing. I have always liked my past shots from Mayfield Lavender in Banstead, Surrey so I looked back into my archives to see if there were some unprocessed shots that I could play with.

I came across this one that is a similar composition to a past shot but just closer to this famous tree. I say famous but in reality its only famous to photographers that know the lavender field. Its not like its been in a reality TV show called Lavatree but I digress. I like how its turned out. It was taken so long ago that its taken on my old Nikon D40x with manual HDR. None of that auto bracketing madness.
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